Corporate Policy

AMSTEK INVESTMENT CONCEPT NIGERIA LIMITED (AICNL) management and staff represent a unique combination of newness, experience and expertise. In-depth knowledge of the industries and its people is just one of our strengths. Our organizational structure and un-bureaucratic approach allow for close and effective cooperation with Host Governments, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas Companies, Sub-Contractors and most importantly, the Host Communities.

AICNL’s dedication to quality efforts, quality documentation, quality training, communication and recognition, measurement systems, the results of quality system review and customer feedback. Our program includes quality policy, quality systems manual, and quality assurance plan. We also apply quality control test procedures, process flow charts and the appointment of third party inspectors.

The management of AMSTEK INVESTMENT CONCEPT NIGERIA LIMITED is committed to a strict priority for Safety, Health and Environment and has installed the necessary internal departments to implement this commitment.